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Rashod Harris

Ever since I  have been promoting what I do on social media, most of the meetings I have, the first thing clients normally say is “I’m not sure what to post.”  Usually after asking them a few questions, such as what is their goals, what do they want to do, and a couple of more I usually come to the same old couple of answers. So instead of keeping that info to myself I thought it would be good to share with my audience.  Below I have compiled a list of small businesses that I normally work with and I do a quick breakdown of what should be the goal of their content and specifically what type of content they should put out.  Also with some of them I give an example of a person, business or brand that is doing it right.  Please check out the list below and leave a comment on your thoughts.

Accessories Brand
Goal:  Show how people can wear your accessories in their every day life.
  • Brand Commercial. This commercial is something that just highlights the overall brand in general.  If you are a brand that runs social media ads this is necessary to have if you are looking to build awareness without having to put out content on a daily basis.
  • Campaign Commercial.  Campaigns are great if you are putting out a special line of product.  So this will just highlight that campaign.
  • Lifestyle Photos.  Just photos of people actually wearing the products.
  • Sales Ads.  These are quick 6 to 15 second ads that promote the products.  These are important for running social media ads.

Goal:  Draw people into the story of the book that you are creating
  • Lifestyle Photos.
  • Quote Images.  These can be quotes based on things that are in the book that stand out.
  • Videos Speaking About The Book.  Your goal is to get people engaged into what you are writing about so do a couple of videos talking about the book
Business Coach
Goal:  Show that you can generate results from your knowledge.
  • Infographics.  These will allow you to give tips on ways your clients can be better.
  • Behind The Scenes.  Show behind the scenes of you working with a client.  People love to see behind the scenes.
  • Lifestyle Photos/ Video.  People love to work with people who appear to live a life that is already together, so lean in to that perception by highlighting that.

Person Who Is Doing It Right:  Britney Jeanine

Goal: Bring the church experience to your audience throughout the week
  • Sermon Recaps.  Create a 1-3 minute video of a special moment during the sermon.  Be sure to add captions to the video.
  • Campaign/ Series Videos.  Anytime the pastor has a new series, it is good to do a video highlighting what that is.  This is basically going to be a commercial for that series.
  • Real Talk Videos.  These type of videos are where you take a relatable topic that people go through and give advice on it.  This could mean sex before marriage, being gay/lesbian,  and any other topics that are considered taboo to speak about in church.
  • Announcement Video.  

People Who Is Doing It Right:  Transformation Church

Clothing/ Shoe Boutique
Goal:  Show exactly what products you have that no one else has.
  • Campaign Commercial.  Whenever you have a new campaign then you should create a new video that highlights that campaign.
  • Sales Ads.  With stores and boutiques, e-commerce is big, so you will want some videos that you can use for short form video ads.
  • Lifestyle Photos.  Show how people can wear your products.
  • Product Photos.  If you sell unique products on a frequent basis, then you will want to post photos or videos of these products whenever you have something.

Goal:  Show that you are actually funny
  • Skits.  The key to doing skits is doing something that is very relatable but funny at the same time.
  • Stand Up Clips.  Shoot a 1 to 2 minute clip from your latest standup performance.  Most comedians don’t want to show their full sets so if that is the case then show where you are talking to the crowd since that is something that is going to be different with every performance.

Person Who Is Doing It Right:  Andrew Schulz and Desi Banks

Goals: Show that working with you leads to having great skin
  • Before and after.  People want to see if you produce results, so show them the results.
  • Commercial.  Create a commercial so you don’t have to post everyday but people know who you are.

Food Truck
Goal:  Show that people love your food
  • Show them making the food.  As I’ve said previously on this, people love to see what goes into making things that they love and cherish.
  • People speaking about why they come to this food truck. It’s all about perception, so if you can show that people will stand in line and wait for your food then it makes other people want to see what the fuss is about.
  • Photos of people standing in line.  Same as above.  It’s all about perception.

Gym/ Personal Trainer
Goal:  Show the results of people working with you
  • Brand Commercial.  You just need a high energy commercial that makes people feel like they should work out with you or your establishment.
  • Before and After Photos.  This is pretty straight forward.  This shows that you are able to obtain results from the work that you produce.  
  • Workout Videos.  Give people a list of 5-7 workouts that they can do on their own.  Everyone needs some new workouts to do while they are in the gym so everyone will need this.

Hairstylist/ Makeup Artist
Goal: Show that you can make people look good but also take care of their hair.
  • Before and after.  You have to show how you are able to transform anyone that sits in your chair.
  • Testimonials.  Everyone loves to watch or read a good review before they book with you.
  • Get Ready With Me videos.  These are simple videos of you doing your own hair or your makeup as you get ready for a special occasion but during the video you are speaking about yourself or something that you are going through.  This allows people to get to know you more.
  • Showing people how to do their own hair/ makeup.  Quick tutorial on basic styles.  A lot of people either don’t have the time or don’t have the money to pay for your services and that is fine, but show them how they can do basic styles on their own.
  • Showing products they should use on their hair or face.

Juice Bar
Goal:  Show that your juices get results
  • Benefits of the juices.  This can be done with a graphic or a video but people drink juices for the health benefits so make sure you always highlight that.
  • Brand commercial.  Juice bars are not on every corner so sometimes people aren’t aware of them or where they are located so you have to stay top of mind and make sure people know about you.
  • Testimonials.  These can be quick visuals where your customers can speak about the benefits of juices on their life.

Lawn Service
Goal:  Show that you are hired to transform yards
  • Before and after.  People just need to see how you can transform a yard.
  • Testimonials.  Everything is based off of word of mouth, so highlight your clients that have something good to say about your work.

Mental Health Agency
Goal:  Show that your services are available to your community
  • Internal Videos.  In the mental health field there are a lot of trainings so instead of doing that manually just have a video created that you can use for trainings.
  • Brand Commercial. In mental health it is all about having brand awareness so nothing does this better than a commercial that shows what your brand does, your mission and who you are for.
  • Program Videos.  Even though this isn’t completely necessary, it is good to showcase your unique programs to your clientele.

Personal Chef
Goal:  Show that people love your food and that you create an experience.
  • Photos of your food.  Self explanatory.
  • Videos on how to make the food.  People are always looking for new recipes so show them how to make some of your favorite dishes.

Person Who Is Doing It Right:  Mr Make It Happen

Goal:  Bring people into the conversation
  • Short Clips From The Conversation.  Give a minute or two clip from the podcast.  This will get people enticed to want to check out the full conversation.  Be sure to add captions to the video.

Brand That Is Doing It Right:  Flagrant 2 Podcast

Public Speaker
Goal:  Show that you can help people and that people pay to come and see you.
  • Candid Photos.  For these you want to Show a couple of things.  You want to show you on stage speaking.  You want to show you speaking with people individually.  You also want to show the amount of people that are in the audience.  
  • Talking Videos.  In these videos you should speech about your main talking points.
  • Full Speaker Videos.  Show videos of your full speech.  Also make sure you include some Q&A and then make those individual clips.  This will give people who are interested in booking you an example of what you can do on stage.

Person Who Is Doing It Right:  Gary Vaynerchuk

Goal:  Show that you are different than other artists, either by your music or your personality
  • In the studio.  After all of these years, people still love to see how their favorite artists makes music.
  • Day in the life. It is important for an artist to show their personality, so this is perfect for that.  Whenever you as an artist have a lot of things going on, from performances to interviews to studio sessions, just turn on the camera and let the magic happen.
  • Music videos.  Self explanatory.
  • Music Video Clips.  Put together quick clips from the most stand out moments of your music video and put those out.  An artist that did this that stood out was Cardi B during the WAP video.  There were different clips from the video on the internet for days.
  • Lifestyle photos.  These will just tell the story of the music just as long as they are not basic.  
Real Estate:
Goal:  Show that you can help people buy and sell their home and that you will have a connection
  • Closing Photos.  These show that you can seal the deal with your clients.  Make these fun and entertaining though.
  • Listing Videos.  
  • Videos Of You Working.  These are usually videos of you showing a client a listing.  The reason this is important is because it shows that people want to work with you but it shows that you have some knowledge when it comes to real estate.  Everyone wants a knowledgeable agent.
  • Lifestyle Photos.  The key to social media in general is staying top of mind.  You want when people think of real estate they think of you.  A way of doing that is to have consistent content.  Sometimes having videos everyday is a little hard but what isn’t hard is taking one decent photo a day or just doing a photoshoot with a photographer and just spread those images out over a month or two.

Person Who Is Doing It Right That You Should Follow: Daniel Gluckin

Goal:  Show that you create an experience for your customers
  • Candid Photos of people enjoying the atmosphere.  Self explanatory.
  • Food being made.  These can be simple videos of what goes into making particular meals.
  • Show The Personality Of The Crew.

Person Who Is Doing It Right That You Should Follow: Slutty Vegan

Sports Trainers
Goal: Show that athletes become better by working with you
  • Behind the scenes.  Show you in action while working with an athlete.  This will allow your personality to shine as well.
  • Testimonials.  Get testimonials from athletes or if you train kids, have their parents speak about the work that you do with their child.
  • Training videos.  Videos that show certain moves or drills that athletes can do on their own to get better.
  • Brand Commercial.  This would be just a quick commercial that highlights the work that you do as a trainer

Videographer/ Photographer
Goal: Show that you can deliver a great finished product
  • Behind the scenes. Content creation is an industry that needs behind the scenes the most.  If you aren’t showing some type of behind the scenes of your latest shoot then you are slacking.  People need to see the level of work that goes into creating their favorite visual.
  • Split Screen Videos.  This is a trick of mine.  One more side show a section of the completed visual.  On the other side show the behind the scenes of creating those specific scenes.
  • Your finished work.  Self explanatory.
  • Work/ Editing Breakdown. Show all that you did to create the visual from what effects you used to transitions to sound design to coloring and whatever else you did.  This shows that you are an expert and you deserve your rate.

Please leave a comment below if I am missing out on a particular industry.

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