The mission of The Rebel Society is to create awesome outside-of-the-box visual content and pair that with an in-depth social medial strategy to create awareness, engagement, and drive sales.

The Rebel Society is a digital-first content creation agency that focuses on creating “WTF” visuals that convert to brand awareness and sales. We create visuals for businesses and brands to help spread their message, stand out amongst the crowd and tell their story. We currently work with small businesses that are looking to increase their brand awareness and personal brands that are looking to spread their message.


Let me tell you why I started this company, I have always had a love for business but attending a liberal arts college I was forced to take a psychology class. It taught me how people think and I took those lessons and coupled them with business and TRS is the child birthed from it. We began by doing music marketing and transformed into working with businesses, providing marketing, graphic design, video, and branding. Then we found our niche which was digital marketing content and social media strategy.  We realized our great we were at visual storytelling, it's why 90 percent of our clients choose us. We convey visually what no one else can because we understand the mind, digital marketing, and execution.  

What I love most about TRS is seeing my clients go from minimal traffic to an increased awareness of who they are amongst their targeted audiences. It boosts their confidence, confirms they are on the right track in life and most importantly it brings in revenue.